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About Us

Our Objective

Measuring chemicals

Our goal is to become a technology broker to be able to seek out the optimum producer of the chemical you need, with the required quality, at the scale you need it, in the shortest timescale and the best price.

We are driven by your technical and commercial needs and work hard to respond promptly to all enquiries whether the product is one which we list or one we need to source.

We are a supplier of Speciality and Fine Chemicals, not a producer, and work from both sides of the business development process.

If you are a chemical buyer, you may have found us by searching for one of the 7000+ products or services on this website from our Principals.

However, we would also like to make you aware of our service to source chemicals and identify custom synthesis partners which we offer on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If you are a niche producer and need help with sales in the UK, Europe or India, please enquire about our Sales lead follow up and business development services.

We target markets where we can add value to the processes of business development and new product development which include the Pharmaceutical, Surface Coating, Mineral and Agricultural Industries.

We  work with Principals who are highly competent in their technology and can offer in-depth technical support .

Our Principals

We would like to introduce you to their niche product ranges developed for developers of Fine Chemicals, Drug Discovery, API scale up and Generic production in the Pharmaceutical Industry and other dynamic, innovative and technically demanding industries . Depending on your specific product requirement, they produce from small laboratory scale to kilo lab scale to 10’s of kilos pilot scale, to 100’s of kilos, to 1000’s of kilos commercial scale, to truck load global commercial scale from locations all over the world. We work with producers who have particular expertise in scaling up complex reactions.


Niche Organics

  • Boronic acids and Esters
  • Acetylenes
  • Silanes and Silylating Agents
  • Phenanthrolines
  • Grignard Development
  • Fluoro and other Halo  Organics
  • Organophosphorus compounds
  • Liquid Ammonia Chemistry
  • Rare Earth Organometallics
  • Ring and Alicyclic Organics

Chiral Chemistry

  • Advanced Chiral Alicyclics
  • Immobilised Enzymes
  • Chiral Intermediates and Building Blocks
  • Diastereomeric Crystallisation Kits

Agricultural Micronutrients

Minerals essential for food crop growth available in :

  • Ultrachelated ™ minerals – ultra tolerant to adverse soil conditions as fast dissolving powders or controlled release granules
  • Five in One Staged Products – five way matrices consisting of  EDTA chelates, Lignin Sulfonate chelates, humates, sulphates, fine oxides and a source of NPK. These products are engineered to handle many types of growing
  • Polymer Coated Controlled Release Products

APIs and API Intermediates

  • From Antibiotics to Steroid hormone APIs


  • Lithium Ion Chemistry
  • Alpha, Omega –Halo Products
  • Heterocycle Development

Align Chemical is a member of the Chemical and Industrial Consultants Association, CICA. Please see our listing on the CICA website for more background.

Please note we sell to trade customers only.