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Align Chemical PartnersWe have identified market leading Speciality and Fine Chemical producers from around the world who are driving chemical technology with their product innovation and manufacturing processes.

They have an edge for you to profit from and enjoy. We are working hard to develop and align our chemical portfolio with your technical, regulatory, commercial and logistical needs and welcome your enquiries. We would also welcome approaches from prospective partners seeking UK, Western European or Indian representation for Fine or Speciality Chemicals.

We will present partners’ company and product information on this website only with their permission and within the confines of commercial confidentiality.

Agricultural Micronutrients – New

Agronomically engineered products that increase crop yield, maximise plant health and optimise grower results in many types of soils and conditions. Read more about our Agricultural Micronutrients products.

All kinds of Alkynes(Acetylenes), Alkenes and Alkanes (Olefins) from lab to commercial scale

ISO 9001:2008 certified, established in 1928, support for research to commercial volumes, custom specifications and products. Core synthetic methods:  Alkyne Chemistry, Birch Reductions, Halogenation, Dydrohalogenation, Alkylation(NH3 or other), Sonogashira Reactions, Kumada Couplings, Cadiot-Chodkiewicz, Suzuki Coupling, Diels-Alder Synthesis, Trans Reductions (NH3), Barbier Reaction, Skraup Synthesis, Heck Reaction, Grignard/Alkyl Lithium Synthesis, Finklestein Reaction, Phase Transfer. Reagents handled routinely in >100kg quantities: Acetylene, Liquid Ammonia, Alkyllithium, Carbon Disulphide, Chloroformates, Chlorosulphonic acid, Epichlorohydrin, Ethylene oxide, Bromine, Lithium amide, Magnesium, Sodium Amide, Sodium Hydride, Sodium Metal, Trialkylsilanes, Iodine, Hydrogen Chloride.

Chiral Building Blocks from Lab to Commercial Scale

Established in 2003 to develop and supply advanced chiral intermediates for new drug candidates for multi-national pharmaceutical companies, their technology is based on 3 core starting materials, (S)-3-Pyrrolidinol, (S) and (R) -3-Hydroxytetrahydrofuran and (S)-N-(3-Bromo-2-acetoxypropyl) acetamide. They have been focused on new process development and manufacturing process development of pilot scale.

They have made a significant investment  in analytical capability : NMR, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, Prep.HPLC, HPLC/MS, UV-Vis, and Polarimeter which  underlines their technology focus developing various product portfolios through strategic alliance with specialised fine chemical companies and R&D centres worldwide. (Please see Technology for description of Chirality)

Chiral Intermediates and Resolving Agents from Lab to Commercial Scale

Incorporated in 1986, they were commissioned with an initial capacity of 30MTPA of Ephedrine which has been expanded over time to become the world’s second largest integrated manufacturer of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine salts. Audited and approved by the Australian TGA and the US FDA, they have also been granted the Certificate of Suitability (CoS) for their Pseudoephedrine HCl.

The state of the art integrated manufacturing facility has the flexibility to meet customer specifications and uses indigenous and unique bio-synthetic processes. Safety, ease of operations and cGMP has been the foundation of plant design and equipment selection.

The manufacturing facility includes various fermentors, agitators, filter dryers, hydro generator, a pilot plant, laboratories, solvent recovery plant, and state of the art effluent treatment plant and storage capacity for its products.

There are two plants ;

Plant 1 is fully dedicated for producing Ephedrine HCl and consists of fermentation and synthetic process.
Plant 2 is the Pseudo Ephedrine plant and is used for converting Ephedrine Hcl into Pseudo Ephedrine Hcl.

Chiral Intermediates – Alpha Amino Acids, Beta Amino Acids and Amines – New

A global provider of chiral process development and enzyme immobilisation capability to the pharmaceutical industry. Their services include route design to advanced intermediates such as non natural amino acids and derivatives and APIs. Using enzyme technology, the target optical purity for high quality chiral intermediates is >99% e.e. for single chiral centres and >98% d.e. for compounds with multiple chiral centres. They design new and proprietary routes to existing compounds, or take an existing synthesis and develop a scalable process, all with smart use of biocatalysis. The application of enzyme immobilisation techniques further contributes to successful development of new optically pure compounds.

Whether you are in preclinical development or post launch, our Principal has the capabilities to ensure the success of your project throughout the product’s life cycle. Contact us to find how this highly skilled chiral producer can propel your branded APIs or generic products into the market ahead of the competition. (Please see Technology for description of Chirality)

Diastereomeric Crystallisation Kits

The kits are based on the technique of Diastereomeric Crystallization, and can be used with racemates of all types; acids, bases, alcohols, amino acids, aldehydes and ketones. The kits offer many advantages, such as:

  • Very fast screening of racemate against 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents, offering results within 24 hours. Effectively, work can be finished in days rather than months
  • Consistent research environment and accurate results, greatly increasing the chance of project success
  • Resolving agents are chosen with manufacturing in mind, and as such they are relatively inexpensive and are readily recoverable in high yields after completion of the resolution process
  • Elimination of human errors: the kits design allows maximum automation during as well as after the experiment

Since the introduction of the kits, and due to strong customer demand, the company now offers 3 types of Chiral Enhancement Services. These new services allow our principal to forge a much closer relationship with customers and become an integral part of their Chiral Resolution research

  • Initial Screening: Using the kits, we screen the racemate against 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents and recommend the best 2-3 combinations that would provide maximum yield and optical rotation
  • Identification of separation process: This is the follow up service after initial screening that identifies the number of re-crystallization steps needed to achieve the desired enantiomeric purity. The goal of this service is to identify which method best achieves the desired purity for the target +ve or -ve enantiomer and offers the maximum yield with a minimum number of re-crystallization steps
  • Method Optimization through crystal analysis: This service complements both of the above services and can be ordered together. We can identify the optimum concentration of solvent; ideal ratio of racemate to resolving agent; and exact high and low temperature during separation.

(Please see Technology for description of Chirality)

Immobilised Enzymes and Carriers from Lab to Commercial Scale – New

Immobilisation offers easier separation and re-use of enzymes thereby making your production processes more cost effective and process conditions can be chosen with increased flexibility.

Easy and fast filtration is a major issue: depending on your application, you can choose a preferred particle size or simply go for the most cost effective material . Particle sizes from microns to millimeters are available.

Using an immobilised enzyme you can screen under a broader range of conditions including aqueous, biphasic, low water and water free. This range of products  is optimized to give maximum performance in all of these media.

The products are available in kits for screening purposes, in research and bulk quantities, and also cGMP quality. The range includes lipases and proteases, as well as many special enzymes. We can also assist you to source any enzyme via our network of enzyme suppliers. (Please see Technology for description of Chirality)

Inorganics Lithium Ion Chemistry and Alpha, Omega-Halo Products from Lab to Commercial Scale – New

ISO 9001:2008 certified, established in 1928, support for research to commercial volumes, custom specifications and products. High quality Precious metal salts, heavy metal salts, Perchloric Acid and salts, High Purity Inorganic Salts, Transition Metal Salts, Iodine Compounds, Rare Earth Salts Solutions, Lithium Salts, Rare Earth Fluorides.

Organics on lab scale – over 4000 products

Founded in 1996, this highly skilled and fast growing synthesizer specialises in laboratory scale multi-step synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds. Their client list includes many major pharmaceutical and chemical catalogue companies. They have a skilled team of chemists (all qualified to PhD level) working from a purpose built facility that contains their own chemical and analytical laboratories.

As well as offering a range of fine organic intermediates, they also offer custom synthesis and a contract research service, undertaking projects tailored to the specific requirements of the customer, protected by confidentiality agreements where appropriate.

They are based in a new purpose built facility opened in early 2002. This contains modern synthetic laboratories equipped with a range of fumehoods, including a hydrogen fluoride handling hood and two ‘walk-in’ hoods.

They have a 250 MHz multinuclear nmr spectrometer and GC ‘in-house’.

Their expertise in organic chemistry includes complex multi-step synthesis of high quality intermediates, and fluorination of organic molecules. They generally work on scales ranging from 100 mg to 5 kg.

They specialise in:
• High pressure autoclave reactions
• Fluorination

They offer the following services:
• Custom Synthesis, including design of new routes to synthetic targets.
• Contract Research
• Catalogue Support

Organophosphorus and Rare Earth Organometallics, gram lab/kilo lab/pilot scale

Specialists in air sensitive and pyrophoric compounds employing techniques including filtration of air sensitive compounds at temperatures up to 150 Co, distillation using columns  filled with helices and sublimation of air sensitive and pyrophoric compounds.

To develop new syntheses and for process control, they have C&H analysis, a polarimeter, melting point measurement (MEL-TEMP 3.0), GC (HP 6890), HPLC (Alliance from Waters), NMR on H1, C13, P31 and others.

Established in 1997 to manufacture speciality chemicals on lab and kilo-lab scale they now have capabilities to produce a significant number of products up to a 500 to 1000kg pa commercial scale.

The company have invested heavily in qualified chemists who make up half of the 33 strong work force. 10 chemists have Masters Degrees and 6 are PhDs working together with 7 lab technicians.

Production capacity is made up of 10 x 65 lt. stainless steel reactors, 8 x 20 lt. stainless steel filters and 12 and  22 lt. glass flasks. They also have a 2 litre autoclave.

They have developed expertise in producing optically active compounds and welcome custom synthesis projects.

Silane coupling agents with a wide range of functionalities-global commercial scale

A giant global 11 billion dollar company with 18,000 employees and a market capitalization of 24 Billion Dollars ranking them 7th in the global chemical industry, we are proud to participate in their European silane business development.

In 1953, our Principal became the first in their country to venture into the silicones business. In the decades since, they have created a diverse line of products designed to exploit the unique and useful properties of silicones. Today, their lineup includes over 4,000 products that meet user needs in a wide range of industries, including electric/electronics manufacturing, the construction industry, the auto industry, cosmetics and toiletries, and the chemical industry.

Silicones is one business unit out of a total of six operating divisions spread all around the world.

They are back-integrated into silicon metal which they extract employing  their own mining operation and have developed their own silane manufacturing technology which they employ in 3 world scale ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified manufacturing plants.

Their silane product and technical support is located near their headquarters and is one of the most active and innovative in this field.

Silane Coupling Agents are organosilicon compounds that have two different functional groups, one that reacts with organic materials and the other which reacts with inorganic materials. This unique characteristic enables them to bond organic materials to inorganic materials. Our Principal offers organofunctional silanes with one of the broadest range of functionalities available with different degrees of reactivity. The organic groups include epoxy, amino, ketimo, vinyl, methacryloxy,  acryloxy, mercapto, polysulphide, isocyanate and styryl. There are also different hydrolysable groups available including chloro, methoxy, and ethoxy. In addition, oligomeric organic functional coupling agents with hydrolysable alkoxy groups are offered that provide other opportunities for materials modifications.

Properties which can be improved revolve around the remarkable increase in adhesion between organic and inorganic materials. The remarkable reinforcing properties achieved by glass fibres in plastics and resins, the high levels of flame retardants such as ATH or MgOH in cable compounds while maintaining physical properties and the water resistant adhesion to glass of sealants, all depend upon the successful inclusion of silanes into the formulations.

Silanes and Organic Intermediates at Lab,pilot and commercial scale

Established in the early 1970’s they are one of today’s leading manufacturers of speciality silanes and organic intermediates at commercial scale. They have developed a prestigious customer base which includes many of the major pharmaceutical and agrochemical producers and their sub-contractors where their reliable and consistent quality has enabled them to achieve continuous growth .

Facilities include:

• Grignard reactions and reagents, silylations, fluorine and acetylenic compounds
• Glasslined and stainless steel reactors in all sizes (from pilot to bulk quantities)
• High performance distillations
• Filtrations
• Chlor-alkali membrane electrolysis

Boronic acids and Esters and advanced Chiral Alicyclics

R & D

118 employees,including 38 researchers:
4 Ph.D.s, 13 M.S., 21 B.S.
12,400 sq ft laboratory
44 fume hoods

Kilogram Lab

Kilogram Lab
8 walk-in fume hoods
30 Land 50 L rotary evaporators
50 L steel reactors
20 L, 30L and 50 L glass reactors
Associated workup equipment

2 pilot plants
11,000 L total reactor capacity
Our new plant opens up
Our new plant opens up
In April 2008 ,began construction of our new plant: a 30,000sq ft R&D and manufacturing facility.
The new facility will be a 5 acre production and R&D center. Process development and Custom Synthesis can be from 1kg to 100s kg.