Terms and Conditions of Use of Website

1) Our purpose is to source and supply bulk chemicals to business users only to specifications to be agreed on a case by case basis.

2) We reserve the right not to deal with any enquiry which appears potentially unlawful, harmful or dangerous or commercially unworkable.

3) The products listed are examples from our database of items available at the time of listing.

4) The chemical descriptions are for information only and do not constitute specifications or professional advice but are open to use under free and open license.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Conditions 1-10 inclusive apply where Align Chemical Ltd acts as a vendor.
Condition 11 applies where Align Chemical Ltd acts as a purchaser.

1) These conditions of sales shall apply to all quotations and deliveries made by Align Chemical Ltd to its customers with the exception of those changes which have been expressly agreed to in writing by both parties. Where the customers purchasing conditions conflict with these conditions, these conditions shall apply. All agreements and promises, whether in conflict with these conditions or not, made by Align Chemical Ltd representatives or staff will only be valid if expressly agreed to in writing.

2) Align Chemical Ltd is never committed to any other offer or agreed time of delivery. Although the agreed times of delivery will be observed as much as possible, any liability of Align Chemical Ltd due to non-delivery or delayed delivery is excluded. A delivery later than the agreed time delivery does not annul the customers obligations, unless the customer has annulled the order in writing for that reason.

3) Any complaints or claims in relation to the goods must be made within 8 days of delivery. Any such complaints or claims do not discharge the customer of that obligation to pay within the period stated in the conditions of sale. If it appears that a claim or complaint is well-founded, Align Chemical Ltd shall make this known to the customer and take the goods back and replace these goods by similar goods or credit the customer with an amount not exceeding the invoice value, without being bound to pay any other damages. Goods may only be returned with the express permission of Align Chemical Ltd.

4) If one or more of the factors upon which the cost price was based undergoes an increase, even if this occurs because of foreseeable circumstances, Align Chemical Ltd has the right to increase the agreed price accordingly. Goods are at the customer’s risk from the moment they leave Align Chemical Ltd.

5) Title to the goods shall not pass to the customer until all demands have been completely met. In case of late payment, all delivered goods may be claimed by Align Chemical Ltd without prior summons and/or notification.

6) Save where Align Chemical have entered into prior alternative credit terms with the customer, payment must be made not later than 30 days after the invoice date. After the due date, Align Chemical Ltd shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month calculated from the invoice date of the outstanding amount. Align Chemical Ltd shall have no obligation to make further deliveries as long as the customer remains in default of payment.

7) Where the customer cancels an order, Align Chemical Ltd shall be entitled to charge to the customer the entire amount of the relevant invoice (without any obligation to prove damages), plus any additional expenses that may be incurred by Align Chemical Ltd as a result of the cancellation, such as transportation, storage or destruction costs in relation to the goods ordered.

8) Failure by Align Chemical Ltd to charge interest pursuant to clause 6 above or to make a charge in relation to a cancelled order pursuant to clause 7 or to exercise any of its other rights under this agreement shall not constitute a waiver by Align Chemical Ltd of those rights and Align Chemical Ltd shall at all times at its own discretion be entitled to exercise in full all its rights hereunder against the customer.

9) The customer acknowledges that Align Chemical Ltd acts as a broker only and not as an importer. The customer agrees that for the purposes of all laws or regulations for the time being in force, and for all other purposes, the customer is the importer of the goods and accepts full responsibility for all liabilities that may arise from the importation of the goods and the customer shall hold Align Chemical Ltd harmless and keep Align Chemical Ltd indemnified in respect of all such liabilities.

10) In the event of a dispute arising between Align Chemical Ltd and the customer, the Courts of England and Wales shall have jurisdiction and this Contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

11) Where Align Chemical Ltd is purchasing goods, the vendor shall keep Align Chemical Ltd indemnified and hold Align Chemical Ltd harmless in respect of all proceedings, costs or claims arising either by reason of the failure of the vendor to honour its terms of quotation to Align Chemical Ltd or arising by reason of any alleged defect in the goods or any allegation that the goods were not fit for the purposes for which they were sold, or otherwise arising by reason of the sale of the goods to Align Chemical Ltd or the onward sale of same to third parties, including any costs or expenses (including managerial or administrative time required to be spent on the matter by Align Chemical Ltd staff or management) incurred by Align Chemical Ltd in defending the proceedings and shall afford Align Chemical Ltd all assistance required by Align Chemical Ltd or its legal advisors in defending such proceedings. Alternatively, the vendor shall, at the request of Align Chemical Ltd and at the sole discretion of Align Chemical Ltd take over the defence of the proceedings on behalf of Align Chemical Ltd having first provided Align Chemical Ltd with an indemnity to its satisfaction, together with such security as Align Chemical Ltd considers reasonable to cover any likely liability that Align Chemical Ltd may have as a result of such proceedings.