Anti-Viral Enzyme Powered Air Filters

In the 19th century we learned that we needed clean drinking water to avoid waterborne diseases. This recognition eventually led to the development of national scale sewage disposal and treatment and the collection and purification of drinking water.

When it comes to viruses like Covid 19 and flu, we know from the increased transmission rates we see in the Winter that indoor air is a similar problem.

Much work has been done to demonstrate that airborne transmission via aerosol is the major transmission route eg:


Therefore it stands to reason that a vital part of our response to the Covid 19 pandemic is to be able to minimise the level of virus in the indoor air we breathe.

Anti-Viral Enzyme powered air filters for air conditioning systems developed in Japan are beginning to play an important role in cleaning up indoor air. Enzymes are powerful, naturally occurring catalysts, which have been harnessed in these systems to deactivate microbes.

They not only deactivate viruses but also bacteria and fungal spores and the way they work is described below.

Please let us know if this could be of interest to you for use in your Air Conditioning systems.