Agricultural Chelated Micronutrients –
S-Chelate Crop Nutrition Ltd

We are formulating and producing in the UK a range of novel chelated micronutrients which include single element products and a custom range of multi-element formulas. We have formed a new company for this operating under the name of S-Chelate Crop Nutrition Ltd and are planning a dedicated website.

Shin-Etsu Organofunctional Silanes and Silicones

A giant global 11 billion dollar company with 18,000 employees and a market capitalization of 24 Billion Dollars ranking them 7th in the global chemical industry, we are proud to participate in their European silane business development and bulk silicone supply.

In 1953, our Principal became the first in their country to venture into the silicones business. In the decades since, they have created a diverse line of products designed to exploit the unique and useful properties of silicones. Today, their lineup includes over 4,000 products that meet user needs in a wide range of industries, including electric/electronics manufacturing, the construction industry, the auto industry, cosmetics and toiletries, and the chemical industry.

Silicones is one business unit out of a total of six operating divisions spread all around the world.

They are back-integrated into silicon metal which they extract employing their own mining operation and have developed their own silane manufacturing technology which they employ in 3 world scale ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified manufacturing plants.

Their silane product and technical support is located near their headquarters and is one of the most active and innovative in this field.

Silane Coupling Agents are organosilicon compounds that have two different functional groups, one that reacts with organic materials and the other which reacts with inorganic materials. This unique characteristic enables them to bond organic materials to inorganic materials. Our Principal offers organofunctional silanes with one of the broadest range of functionalities available with different degrees of reactivity. The organic groups include epoxy, amino, ketimo, vinyl, methacryloxy, acryloxy, mercapto, polysulphide, isocyanate and styryl. There are also different hydrolysable groups available including chloro, methoxy, and ethoxy. In addition, oligomeric organic functional coupling agents with hydrolysable alkoxy groups are offered that provide other opportunities for materials modifications.

Properties which can be improved revolve around the remarkable increase in adhesion between organic and inorganic materials. The remarkable reinforcing properties achieved by glass fibres in plastics and resins, the high levels of flame retardants such as ATH or MgOH in cable compounds while maintaining physical properties and the water resistant adhesion to glass of sealants, all depend upon the successful inclusion of silanes into the formulations.

High Molecular Weight Polyester Resins

We work with a global producer of these products which are used in applications such as: thermoplastic and crosslinkable laminating adhesives to bond metals to plastic films; coil coatings which require challenging combinations of hardness, high adhesion, deformability and durability and Bis Phenol A-free internal can coatings.