About Us

Align Chemical is a UK company founded by Barry Langdon in 2007.
Due to the globalisation of the chemical industry a need had developed for a consultancy service that offered a cost effective match of demand with supply, particularly for products no longer manufactured in the UK.

That original vision resulted In a variety of projects undertaken on behalf of major international companies.  Those experiences in turn have led to the 2 primary business areas of Align Sourcing and S-Chelate Plant Nutrition.

Align Chemical is a member of the Chemical and Industrial Consultants Association, CICA.

Please see our listing on the CICA website for more background:

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Align Sourcing

Delivers to the right location

We will source and supply the bulk chemicals you are looking for delivered to your location, whether in the UK or overseas.

We work with global transport providers who operate worldwide, transporting bulk dangerous goods safely by air, road and sea.

In the UK we deliver on a DDP basis.

Outside the UK we can deliver DAP or CIF if you prefer.

At the right scale:

Bulk chemicals can mean anything from 1kg to 3000 tons, but typically means 1-5 tonne quantities LCL or 20 tonne FCL lots.

With the required specification:

The right purity up to 99%+ with the minimum impurities.

It may be that your process or application could tolerate a by-product or waste stream which could dramatically reduce your costs.

Align Sourcing can help you explore that possibility.

In the right packaging:

In small packs with your labels, 25litre to 200litre drums, IBC’s, 25kg bags or pails and 1 tonne bulk bags, road tankers or Isotainers, ship loads.

With the required regulatory compliance:

We ensure CLP standard Health and Safety Data, REACH compliance in the EU and full Dangerous Goods compliance.

At the best price:

Our first enquiry approach is on a no-win-no-fee basis. We recognise price will be important, if not the major factor for seeking a new source of your requirement with us so we are constantly striving to minimise our costs and selling prices.

From a reliable producer:

We source worldwide and work diligently to develop an appreciation of the capability and culture of producers.

Producer’s resources vary widely and we work hard to build a clear picture in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

Within your specified timescale:

Please let us know your timescale.

If you need the product quickly, typically the price will be higher as it may be sourced from an established UK – European importer.

However, if you need competitively priced bulk, this may take longer to identify with longer lead times particularly by sea freight.


We operate in a number of markets:

  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Adhesive
  • Mineral
  • Sealant
  • Surface Coatings
  • Oil
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics


S-Chelate Plant Nutrition

The S-Chelate product range is ideal for both consumer and business customers who wish to promote plant growth.

Whatever the plant type – cereals, vegetables, flowers or just plain grass – Align’s unique chelate technology ensures they will obtain the micronutrients they need for effective growth, whatever the pH value of the soil.

Customer categories include farmers, horticulturists, small holders, gardeners and sports clubs who require quality grass for their activities.

Small holders, allotment keepers and those gardeners who like to grow a variety of plants are most likely to benefit from S-Chelate Cultiv – 8 because the formulation includes 8 important nutrients and therefore ensures that each plant will obtain the micronutrients it requires.

Farmers and other larger businesses (such as a golf course) could benefit from the advice of an agronomist.  Depending upon the proposed crop to be grown the agronomist would analyse the soil to be used for the planting and then advise on which S-Chelate product or product combination should be applied. They would also advise on the rate and frequency of application and whether it is preferable that the S-Chelate should be applied in foliar form or as a coating to standard fertilisers.

As a natural extension of this principle we offer a custom formulation service to ensure that the crop will benefit from the precise mix of micronutrients it requires. We therefore offer a service based upon the S-Chelate range, combined in the ratios you or your agronomist prefers and with the preferred combinations of NPK fertizer, as water soluble powders or granules.