Soil Stabilisation Resin (SAC 11)

A stable, easily dilutable, sprayable Styrene Acrylic Copolymer Water Based Emulsion ideally suited for Soil Stabilisation which is sprayed from suitable equipment to give protection from wind erosion for light soils

Soil Stabilisation
SAC 11 when applied at the recommended rate provides a safe and convenient method of binding enough of the top layer of soil after seeding to reduce wind blow without interfering with the emergence of the seedling or the passage of water or gases necessary for the healthy development of the crop.

Dilution rate for application –

For 1 Hectare Weight Volume metric Volume Imperial
Soil Stabilisation Resin 206kg 200 litres 44 gallons
Water 1035kg 1035 litres 228 gallons

Total 1241kg 1235 litres 272 gallons

For 1 Acre
Soil Stabilisation Resin 83kg 80 litres 18 gallons
Water 419kg 407litres 91 gallons

Total 502kg 487litres 109 gallons

This will give an application solids of 8.3 % w/w and an application rate of 103kg of solid resin per Hectare and 42kg per acre

For 1000 litres or 100 gallons

Soil stabilisation Resin – 162 litres 16.5 gallons
Water 838 litres 83.5 gallons

Totals 1000 litres 100gallons

The above is a starting guide and may be adjusted to reduce or increase the application rate per area of solid resin according to conditions to give optimum performance and economy.

Packaging – 200kg drums, 1 tonne IBC’s or bulk supplies are delivered by road tanker
Storage – May be stored in the containers in which it is supplied. Protect from frost and extended exposure to direct sunlight. Store above 5°C.
Health and Safety – Please see separate Material Safety Data Sheet

Mixing Instructions

SAC 11 is a low viscosity liquid which is easily diluted for application by pumping into water and with water into a spray applicator tank.
This is a convenient and practical low shear way of mixing.

High shear mixing should be avoided.


The recommended application rate produces soil coatings of around 5-15 grams per square metre of solid resin which is enough to bind the surface soil. However, as long as the resin has been allowed to dry for at least an hour and preferably 4 hours, the solid resin will become almost completely insoluble in water and not be expected to have any close contact with or effect on the emerging seed during any subsequent watering or rain.

However, we recommend trials followed by subsequent analysis of a statistical sample of the crop grown under the SAC 11 compared to crop grown under any other resin or in untreated soil to confirm this.

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