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All kinds of Alkynes(Acetylenes), Alkenes and Alkanes (Olefins) from lab to commercial
APIs and API Intermediates – Many in stock from our Principal from Lab to commercial scale. Antibiotics - Antineoplastics – Antihypersensitives – Antipsychotics – Antivirals – Antidiabetics – Anaesthetics – Cardio-vascular agents – Steroid hormone APIs
Boronic acids and Esters and advanced Chiral Alicyclics - A range of Organic Building Blocks from an energetic, competitive, high quality producer of multi-functional derivatives of Boronic Acid produced and stocked from lab scale to kilo scale.
Chiral Building Blocks from Lab to Commercial Scale
Chiral Intermediates – Alpha Amino Acids, Beta Amino Acids and Amines in gram-multi gram quantities - with high enough enantiomeric purity even for peptide synthesis
Inorganics Lithium Ion Chemistry and Alpha, Omega-Halo Products from Lab to Commercial Scale
Organophosphorus and Rare Earth Organometallics, gram lab-kilo lab-pilot scale
Over 19,000 Lab Scale Organics
Quinazoline and Pyrrolidine Chiral, Fluorinated, BOC, Fmoc. 100 Research Compounds from Gram to Kilogram to Commercial scale
Ring and Alicyclic Organics
Silane coupling agents with a wide range of functionalities
Silanes and Organic Intermediates at Lab and Commercial Scale

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